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Warnings over Osama bin Laden malware scams

Security experts have issued warnings to internet users to be wary of scammers using news of Osama bin Laden’s death to spread malware. Paul Ducklin of computer security company Sophos said on his blog, “Watch out for the links you’re likely to come across in email or on social networking sites offering you additional coverage […]

IronKey and Ceedo Secure Virtual Desktop Applications

IronKey and Ceedo have jointly launched a secure workspace visualisation solution, designed for mobile enterprises. The solution from IronKey and Ceedo isolates the user’s workspace, taking all their data & applications from their work PC, and stores it on a portable IronKey device. You can read more at

IronKey – used by a disaster-preparedness company for secure storage

Black Umbrella, a disaster-preparedness company use IronKey for critical document storage and organization. President of Black Umbrella, Catherine Hooper says: “We scan, store and digitize people’s critical documents, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, insurance documents. We put them on a special, secure thumb drive called an IronKey. “ Whilst only a small part of what […]