Warnings over Osama bin Laden malware scams

Security experts have issued warnings to internet users to be wary of scammers using news of Osama bin Laden’s death to spread malware.

Paul Ducklin of computer security company Sophos said on his blog,

“Watch out for the links you’re likely to come across in email or on social networking sites offering you additional coverage of this newsworthy event,”

“Many of the links you see will be perfectly legitimate links,”

“But at least some are almost certain to be dodgy links, deliberately distributed to trick you into hostile internet territory.”

Mike Lennon, of SecurityWeek added that scammers “typically use very attractive headlines to encourage users to click links and direct them to malware infected web pages.”

Exercise a bit of caution before clicking on links that pop up on your Twitter & Facebook feeds.

You can read more over at the nzherald