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D200 models to be replaced by D250 models

Stock of all D200 models has been exhausted. The D200 range is to be replaced by the D250 range which is expected to be available late October / early November. If you would like to register your interest for the D250 range please contact us by clicking here.

IronKey compatibility issue with Mac OS X 10.8+

Apple users: Please note IronKey devices will not currently run on Mac OS X 10.8+ systems. A fix is currently in developement – see for more information.

What You Need to Know About Two-Factor Authentication

One of the key features of Ironkey is Two-Factor Authentication. Neil J. Rubenking of explains it as: “A hacker armed with your bank account password can steal your money, but a hacker who just gets your ATM card PIN can’t withdraw a stack of twenties. Why? He doesn’t have the card itself. To get […]

Updating your IronKey device

We often receieve queries from our customers concerning updating their IronKey devices. The IronKey support section provides a step by step guide to this process. You can read the guide here – We recommend using the knowledgebase resource if you have any questions about the IronKey device, there is plenty of quality information. Check […]

Anti-virus can’t keep up with threat onslaught

Andreas Marx, chief executive officer of German security test lab AV-TEST has revealed the full extent of the threat of malware. “Today we’re seeing about 55,000 new unique malware samples per day,” says Andreas Marx.” That’s 2292 new pieces of malware per hour, 38 per minute or more than one new virus every two seconds, […]

IronKey Wins 2012 SC Magazine Reader Trust Award for Best Fraud Prevention Solution

IronKey has won the Brest Fraud Prevention Solution category in the SC Magazine’s 2012 Reader’s Trust Awards. The announcement was made on the 28th of February. Arthur Wong, CEO of IronKey said, “We are very proud to receive this recognition from SC Magazine and their panel of experts.” “We solidified our leadership in online banking […]

Research shows extent of cyber fraud

Estimates from the Anti-Phishing Working Group reveal that 39% of computers have some form of financial malware on them. Due to the abundance of vulnerable computers, Gartner, a technology research field estimates that online criminals have stolen in excess of 3 billion dollars from banks, municipalities & businesses. You can read more over at