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IronKey and Ceedo Secure Virtual Desktop Applications

IronKey and Ceedo have jointly launched a secure workspace visualisation solution, designed for mobile enterprises. The solution from IronKey and Ceedo isolates the user’s workspace, taking all their data & applications from their work PC, and stores it on a portable IronKey device. You can read more at

IronKey – used by a disaster-preparedness company for secure storage

Black Umbrella, a disaster-preparedness company use IronKey for critical document storage and organization. President of Black Umbrella, Catherine Hooper says: “We scan, store and digitize people’s critical documents, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, insurance documents. We put them on a special, secure thumb drive called an IronKey. “ Whilst only a small part of what […]

Hacking attacks: how to protect yourself

In another warning story, this time from the USA, internet marketing firm Epsilon was the target of a specific attack, allowing customers’ confidential data to be exposed. The theft of the confidential information (in this case, email addresses) can enable hackers to use phishing to trick the customer into revealing further confidential information.  In this […]

New IronKey Certification with RDA SecurID Software

IronKey has announced that its Trusted Access for Banking and IronKey Enterprise have achieved updated certified interoperability with RSA SecureID 4.1, software from RSA (the security division of EMC).  This certification allows the IronKey to utilise the RSA SecurID platform with financial malware protection and mobile data encryption solutions. What is the RSA Secured Partner […]

New cybercrime targets for 2011

PC World reports that the enterprise, rather than the consumer, will be the predicted cybercrime target for 2010. “As the new decade opens, cybercrime is diverging down a different path as cyber attacks move beyond the financial services industry and malware makes a shift from targeting consumer desktops to employees in the enterprise,” states the […]

IronKey password backup

A key feature of IronKey’s security means that incorrect password attempts over 10, results in the hardware encryption chip self destructing. Here are some handy hints to ensure that you aren’t the cause of your own IronKey self destructing: store the password in your personal account on securely backup your IronKey files on your […]

IronKey Enterprise How-To

Secure Active UK provides a picture tutorial on the IronKey Enterprise, an option for companies or businesses with two or more IronKeys, which enable the administrator to fully control the devices including the ability to remotely disable and wipe the devices if necessary. Device logs are also available so that companies can be in control […]

NZX-listed Company for Tech Investors

NZICT, the tech industry association, is chatting to a number of potential parties about a publicly listed company which allows for investment in small technology companies. Endeavour Capital Chairman Neville Jordan is keen on the idea, as he believes that investors are looking for liquidity. What would be the range of tech businesses available? Perhaps […]

IronKey Personal Review

For those with patience for an in-depth review, Net-Security has undertaken a detailed review of the Ironkey Personal. The review is of a Personal 1GB, the smallest available storage for this device, the IronKey Personal is also available with storage space up to 32GB.  It covers key areas including the Verisign Identity Protection capabilities, AES […]