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IronKey – used by a disaster-preparedness company for secure storage

Black Umbrella, a disaster-preparedness company use IronKey for critical document storage and organization. President of Black Umbrella, Catherine Hooper says: “We scan, store and digitize people’s critical documents, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, insurance documents. We put them on a special, secure thumb drive called an IronKey. “ Whilst only a small part of what […]

Great technical review of the IronKey Personal D200

Top Ten Reviews provides a technical and in-depth review of the IronKey Personal D200, a must-read for the techies among you. Key points: The encryption is hardware-based 256-bit AES validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology  to meet the Level 3 criteria of FIPS 140-2. AES is the Advanced Encryption Standard adopted by […]

Hacking attacks: how to protect yourself

In another warning story, this time from the USA, internet marketing firm Epsilon was the target of a specific attack, allowing customers’ confidential data to be exposed. The theft of the confidential information (in this case, email addresses) can enable hackers to use phishing to trick the customer into revealing further confidential information.  In this […]

IronKey password backup

A key feature of IronKey’s security means that incorrect password attempts over 10, results in the hardware encryption chip self destructing. Here are some handy hints to ensure that you aren’t the cause of your own IronKey self destructing: store the password in your personal account on securely backup your IronKey files on your […]

How does IronKey’s Secure Web Browsing work?

Many users ask us about secure web browsing on the Ironkey.  This is enabled through the built-in FireFox browser, activated by plugging the IronKey into a computer, clicking the Mozilla Firefox icon in the control panel, which opens a secure internet connection and connects to the web using the Secure Session Service. The Secure Session […]