How does the IronKey differ from a normal flash drive? has reviewed the IronKey, describing the device as “Tough on the outside, smart on the inside”. IronKey is not just a normal flash drive, the hardware-encrypted security features make it a valuable security device. Besides its wonderfully sophisticated security features and great looking design, it is a solid, reliable, high performing product that is taking  lead in the market.

IronKey transfers and reads data faster than a normal flash drive, it can transfer data at speeds of 31Mb/second, and read data at 18Mb/second. IronKey comes in many different capacities. IronKey is widely known as the world’s best performing flash drive. IronKey supports and is compatible with many different languages.

It is compatible with many operating systems, including Windows & Mac. Check out our IronKey products and choose from either Personal, Basic, or Enterprise.