The IronKey secure flash drive – Review

The IronKey is considered as the most secure flash drive in the world. Its security features is what makes it different. The IronKey is a great device. It is a bit more expensive than the normal flash drives but  once you own it, you will understand why it is worth the money.

The IronKey gives you a peace of mind and many tangible security benefits. It is designed to not only protect your drive from natural threats such as the device dropped in the water, but more to protect you from the human hacking attacks.  Human has become a major source of threat for digital privacy in our modern age. The hacking has become a profession to many people so it is very essential for people to own a device like IronKey.

The IronKey comes with a variety of storage capacities and different colors of black and silver. It is also has three versions and they are:

  • The IronKey Basic
  • The IronKey Personal
  • The IronKey Enterprise

Some of its fundamental features are:

  • Ruggedized, waterproof and tamper resistant
  • AES 256 with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation
  • Self-defending against physical, malware and password attacks
  • Enforces policy and guarantees compliance
  • Available as managed solution
  • Unique policy enforcement, usability and field maintainability

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