The power of IronKey personal

The IronKey personal flash drive has many uses and is designed to give the best security solution and peace of mind when browsing the internet or saving sensitive personal data.

Ironkey is really simple and easy to use; in addition to that it is the most secure flash drive in the world. Its many features make it particularly useful and a valuable thing to own and use.

It is a really powerful device, the exterior design and material is made of metal rather than plastic. The security is managed by the hardware and provides self destruction ability if hackers try to hack into your flash drive. It has level 2 FIPS certification which meets military standards for security. It is also waterproof, shock and knock resistant, and can work under extreme pressure.

It also offers a secure browsing feature, you can create a user account at if you want to browse the internet securely or even use it to save your password and user IDs for later use.

It can also save the online forms that you fill in, which will help you to re-fill forms automatically when you try to visit other sites.

For more information, read this product review at to see the benefits of using Ironkey.

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