2GB IronKey D250 Enterprise Edition

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Product Description

  • Subject to availability.
  • Requires 12, 24 or 36 month annual Ironkey licence.
  • Minimum order 2 units. 1 device must be used as a security key for the entire organisation.

IronKey Enterprise secures data with always-on hardware encryption to meet compliance and data protection requirements. All user data on an IronKey Enterprise drive is encrypted with high-speed, AES CBC-mode encryption. IronKey Enterprise is deployed quickly using the cloud-based IronKey Enterprise Management Service. Administrators are in full control of deployed devices and if needed can remotely disable devices and wipe data. IronKey Enterprise logs device use for reporting and compliance.

Who is the D250 for?

Office workers who use their drive for file transfers of large amounts of data to share with others, bring work home, or perform periodic backups.

Why should you choose this device?

The IronKey D250 is a high quality Secure USB, which guarantees compliance with regulatory and company security policy, and offers a superior value due to its competitive price point, managability, and lower Total Cost of Ownership.

What are the highlights of this product?

  • Ruggedized, waterproof and tamper resistant
  • AES 256 with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation
  • Self-defending against physical, malware and password attacks
  • Enforces policy and guarantees compliance
  • Available as managed solution
  • Unique policy enforcement, usability and field maintainability

Ironkey Enterprise S250-D250 product information sheet

IronKey Enterprise Management Service Data Sheet

IronKey Enterprise Management Server Data Sheet


IronKey Enterprise Review
SC Magazine US – July 1 2011
From one of the best-known vendors in the space, this is a worthy product and deserves a close look.


Additional Information

Per Unit License:

1 Yr IronKey Enterprise Managed Subscription (59.34), 3 Yr IronKey Enterprise + Anti-Malware McAfee-241.85, 2 Yr IronKey Enterprise Managed Subscription (100.34), 2 Yr IronKey Enterprise + Anti-Malware McAfee-194.24, 3 Yr IronKey Enterprise Managed Subscription(128.11), 1 Yr IronKey Enterprise + Anti-Malware McAfee-117.53